April 05, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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Dear FPCLA, 

Today is my deceased grandmother’s (or as everyone called her Mommy – Mommy Sophia, Mommy Upeng) birthday. We usually celebrate her birthday as a clan. Since the pandemic, each family usually cooks or buys food and delivers it to other family members to share. My sister and I were joking about what kind of food delivery we will get today. 😉

Christians celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25th. However, we do not know the actual date of Jesus’ birthday. The Christian Bible did not mention Jesus’ birthday and the early Christians did not celebrate it. I wonder did Jesus’ parents celebrate birthdays?

Meditation: How many more months or days to your birthday? How are you going to celebrate it? Or are you going to celebrate it? 

Pastor Eula


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