April 09, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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I drove to Filipino Disciples Christian Church in LA to practice music. There’s a connection between musicians. They understand or feel what parts of a song to play soft or loud, where and when to keep or stop playing, and where and when to end a song. Words are not necessary to communicate. A nod or a glance will do. And sometimes, they just know what to do because it feels right or it complements the music as musicians play and sing. The band practice today reminded me how much I love playing instruments with people especially when we have this connection and trust that we will all be playing to make each other and the music sound good. 

Jesus connected with people no other religious leaders could. Jesus became their friend, teacher, sibling, healer, savior… Jesus brought them together and created a community – a community of friends, followers, chosen family… 

I believe this is what FPCLA is about. FPCLA wants to create a community where everyone is safe to be who they are and where people genuinely care for one another. 

Meditation: How do we create genuine relationship?

Sermon Scripture: Luke 19:28-40

Pastor Eula


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