FPCLA Worship September 18, 2022

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Summer is coming to an end and Fall is right around the corner. I marvel how time seems to fly or maybe my memory is getting worse hehe. Fall seems to be a favorite of many people especially with the leaves turning and eventually falling. It reminds me of the beautiful foliage in New England when I lived in Boston. I hope we can get out and enjoy the changing of seasons and reflect on the changes in our lives.

Sermon: Bare Essentials
Scripture: Luke 16:1-13 The Message Bible

1-2 Jesus said to his disciples, “There was once a rich man who had a manager. He got reports that the manager had been taking advantage of his position by running up huge personal expenses. So he called him in and said, ‘What’s this I hear about you? You’re fired. And I want a complete audit of your books.’

3-4 “The manager said to himself, ‘What am I going to do? I’ve lost my job as manager. I’m not strong enough for a laboring job, and I’m too proud to beg. . . . Ah, I’ve got a plan. Here’s what I’ll do . . . then when I’m turned out into the street, people will take me into their houses.’

“Then he went at it. One after another, he called in the people who were in debt to his master. He said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’

“He replied, ‘A hundred jugs of olive oil.’

“The manager said, ‘Here, take your bill, sit down here—quick now—write fifty.’

“To the next he said, ‘And you, what do you owe?’

“He answered, ‘A hundred sacks of wheat.’

“He said, ‘Take your bill, write in eighty.’

8-9 “Now here’s a surprise: The master praised the crooked manager! And why? Because he knew how to look after himself. Streetwise people are smarter in this regard than law-abiding citizens. They are on constant alert, looking for angles, surviving by their wits. I want you to be smart in the same way—but for what is right—using every adversity to stimulate you to creative survival, to concentrate your attention on the bare essentials, so you’ll live, really live, and not complacently just get by on good behavior.”

10-13 Jesus went on to make these comments:

If you’re honest in small things,
    you’ll be honest in big things;
If you’re a crook in small things,
    you’ll be a crook in big things.
If you’re not honest in small jobs,
    who will put you in charge of the store?
No worker can serve two bosses:
    He’ll either hate the first and love the second
Or adore the first and despise the second.
    You can’t serve both God and the Bank.


  1. We have in person worship at 1:15pm and remote worship.   There is no fellowship hour afterwards, but instead will head out for meal and drinks after we make the homeless bags/boxes for the food pantry. 
  2. FPCLA’s 4th Bday on October 9, 2022.  We will be going out for ate lunch/early dinner on October 9th after we make the homeless bags/boxes for the food pantry.  Please come and celebrate.
  3. On October 6th, 2022 from 6pm-9pm we will be screening, Chosen, directed by Joseph Juhn, which tells the story of 5 Asian American politicians running for congress.  Our very own David Kim who is running for CD34 is in the main story line in the documentary. David recently joined FPCLA, and he has shared with me his beautiful story of being Queer and a PK!   Both will be present at the screening.  RSVP 
  4. If you have the means, please give to FPCLA.


Pastor Sam


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