March 07, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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Today at the food pantry we gave out food to over 260 people. We believed the numbers would lessen in 2022, but it is holding steady. We have people come from all races and all age groups. The picture above is a beautiful Mongolian American family. Her children are soooo adorable. The little boy was making heart signs with his hands above his head, and I returned the gesture with my own heart signs with my fingers. The little girl laughed at our play. Their mother is so appreciative. It is a good reminder of sharing and caring and loving.

I wonder where Jesus was fed. He had to rely on others for shelter and sustenance. Today I saw “Jesus” in all of the beautiful people in line patiently waiting for food. God bless them all.

Meditation: Where did you last see “Jesus?”


Pastor Sam


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