March 11, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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There’s a show I watch on Netflix called Midnight Diner. I love this series with all the vignettes of people revolving around a Japanese late night dinner. It is full of hilarity, joy, and kindness. There’s one story of a man who only wears red blazers ever since he was a child. He was abandoned at an amusement park by his mother when he was a small child and grew up in an orphanage. Later where the story picks up, he is head of a successful computer game company. His biological mother sees him and seeks him out. Needless to say, every time I watch this episode, I have tears flowing because of a family reunited and second chances and compassion.

Watching this episode, I wonder about my Queer siblings who have been rejected by their families and their religion. I weep knowing the pain of rejection and loss. I wonder in the same way, how Jesus felt with rejection? Was he rejected by his family? Was he rejected by his chosen family. My prayers go out to all those who have been rejected by family and friends.

Meditation: Have we been rejected?…for who we are, who we love, etc…


Pastor Sam


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