March 18, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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I recently talked to a friend who is going through a “spiritual crisis’ as he is in the process of deconstructing what he believes in.  He grew up in a Corean evangelical church and currently serving as a deacon at one currently.  It reminds me of my own Corean Evangelical upbringing.  My “spiritual crisis” began when I started therapy and started to unpack my past.  There was a lot of shame and not-worthy-ness that was embedded. I looked at Jesus whatever way I was supposed to believe in.  No one dared asked if Jesus was Queer or if he had a family.  Pictures of white Jesus were plastered all over church.  Yet, I wonder now if Jesus had his own “spiritual crisis” in his Jewish religion.  What made him change his views on his people’s religion and way of life?

Meditation:  How was our faith progressed/not progressed/changed/remade/destroyed???

Pastor Sam


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