March 23, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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Today I was reading an article on comfort care or end of life care. I used to work as a palliative care chaplain and had the privilege to help patients and their families through the passing of a loved one. My father, late last year, had a stroke and then 3 angioplasties. It was a shock in my family as we scrambled to get care for my father. This led me to assess my own health especially the condition of my heart. I recently got a calcium CT of my heart, which came out clear. My father’s condition triggered in me to think about my death and those that I love…my biological family and my chosen family. This led me to questions about how Jesus dealt with death. He probably knew the outcome was going to be death when he headed toward Jerusalem. Did he feel sorrow? fear? or even joy?

Meditation: How do you think about death and especially your own?

Pastor Sam


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