March 28, 2022 FPCLA Lenten Word Meditation

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Today is one of those days where I do not want to do anything except to curl up in bed. The weather is chilly and rainy. And the pillows and blanket are so inviting. 

One of Jesus’ stories present in all three Gospels is Jesus calming the storm. Before Jesus’ miraculously calmed the story, he’s sleeping. It is one of those rare times where he can rest and sleep instead of being surrounded with crowds of people asking him to heal the sick, cast out demons, teach, journey from one place to another, etc. His disciples had to wake him up because they were in danger of drowning. 

Even though it’s perfect weather to rest and relax, we have tasks to finish, jobs to be present and perform, and whatever activities make one unable to stay in bed the whole day. It’s hard to find a time to rest and relax in a fast paced environment.

Meditation: When do you have time to rest and relax?

Pastor Eula


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