Resuming of In-Person Worship and Covid-19 Protocols

iconic Wishire Presbyterian clock tower in the FPCLA courtyard

Everything You Need to Know:

We are resuming our in-person worship services beginning on July 11th, 2021 and they will continue for the foreseeable future. We are taking an abundance of precaution concerning Covid-19 matters. These cautions include:

  1. Three color stickers are provided that attendees are invited to wear which indicate what type of physical contact you are or are not okay with.
  2. Masks are required for everyone except the leadership during the service.
  3. Social gatherings (not including the worship service) will be held outside in open-air environments whenever possible.
  4. Sick attendees are asked to stay home until they are well (minus known/chronic conditions).
  5. Hand sanitizer stations are provided.
  6. Remote worship is still going to be streamed live and recorded for anyone who cannot or does not want to participate in person.


We hope to see you soon,



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